About Us

SASLINC promotes integrity, friendliness and quality customer service. From our South African Sign Language (SASL) interpreters and consultants, we demand skill, professionalism and punctuality at all times. We are dedicated to bridging the gap in communication between Deaf and hearing people.

SASLINC will provide you with qualified SASL interpreters that are professional, timely and familiar with the expectations and terminology to your specific needs such as legal, medical and educational. Each of our SASL interpreters must pass a thorough skill evaluation and are screened for their experience and professionalism. Our SASL interpreters have completed an interpreter training programme and they are encouraged to continuously attend personal development programmes. SASLINC always strives to make use of at least one SATI accredited professional SASL interpreter to work with a non-accredited SASL interpreter. This is done with the aim of mentoring and developing SASL interpreters who are not yet accredited.

SASLINC specialises in providing equal access to Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients. Our services include:

  • SASL interpreter service
  • Co-ordination of SASL interpreter service
  • Co-ordination of Deaf-blind interpreter service
  • SASL interpreter training
  • SASL interpreter consultation service
  • SASL interpreter mentorship program
  • Training of Deaf community members and other institutions on the correct use of SASL interpreter


Professional South African SignLanguage Interpreter

Thelma has been a SASL interpreter for over 3 decades and has interpreted in various settings from Educational to health to legal to media.

She obtained her SATI Accreditation as simultaneous SASL interpreter in 2004 and her Hnrs Degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2012. (Together with Asanda Katshwa, they were the first SASL interpreters to complete this qualification at Wits.)

Thelma is one of the founder members of SASLINC which has been in operation since 2005.

She recently obtained her WFD-WASLI accreditation as International Sign interpreter and enjoys the challenge of working in the IS space.

She has been a trainer of SASL interpreters in a number of courses and has also offered training in other African countries such as Mauritius and Namibia.